Crypto Currency trading for baby boomers

Crypto Currency Trading for Fun & Profit

Trading is far safer than investing.

Investing, IMHO is a long term “hold & hope” approach, and to me it is far too risky. These are crazy times, and the less time your hard-won cash is tied up in an entity who’s longer-term future is largely unknown, the better. Most of my trades are in and out in minutes, occasionally an hour or two, and rarely more than a day. To be honest, I do “0” research, so I am not interested in “learning” about the fundamentals of any crypto currency. All I work with is human behaviour, clearly, repeatedly, and painfully predictable human behaviour, as it is represented in simple charts and settings. Quite literally “set it and forget it” trading.

Just like in any business, its about leverage, but not the kind that creates risk.

My background is business, especially real estate. I am a huge fan of leverage, but not the kind that creates risk. I am not a fan of FOREX for that reason. Forex requires massive financial leveraging, or margin, to make it work. Crypto trading like I do it does not. The leverage comes from technology, speed of transactions, ease of trades, combined with incredibly low (0.1%) commissions, and, of course, the fact that I do my trading in less than 5 minutes per day.

automation, convenience, simplicity. I trade from my smart phone.

Crypto currency has the absolute best and easiest to use trading platforms and systems of any market. Far superior to FOREX and equity markets, and far less expensive. The software I use is available for $25/month, and commissions on trades are 0.1% of the value of the trade. Try that in equities. The platform I will teach you to use (it is incredibly simple to use, yet infinitely powerful and safe) is available 24/7 on my laptop or via the smartphone app. I make trades using known templated “strategies” and “signals”, many of which are free, though I now use one that costs me a whole $5/month 😉