‘Crypto Kombat’ is the Latest Addition to the Play-to-Earn Crypto Games in the Market

“Crypto Kombat” has been around for some time now, but it has only just recently unveiled its own play-to-earn model for its card game. 

The new play-to-earn model makes “Crypto Kombat” the latest addition to the play-to-earn crypto games available for gamers to enjoy. 

The card game has also unveiled details about its economic model along with the play-to-earn mechanics. 

‘Crypto Kombat’ Joins List of Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

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“Crypto Kombat” has unveiled its economic model and play-to-earn mechanics, making the card game the latest addition to the crypto games who have ventured into play-to-earn gaming. 

According to Play to Earn, “Crypto Kombat” players will “need to stake KOMBAT tokens to unlock gameplay capabilities, while also earning VOMBAT tokens for in-game purchases.” At the moment, players can only stake KOMBAT tokens. 

Players can also earn special tokens by staking what is known as IpKOMBAT, the liquidity pool tokens in “Crypto Kombat.” 

“Users would then be able to use their acquired VOMBAT tokens to buy NFT cards, each of them based on crypto events or famous people from the blockchain space,” the article adds. 

These NFT cards are used in battles where players can challenge other players. Challenges both cost and earn players VOMBAT tokens. 

Loot boxes are also an important part of “Crypto Kombat” and players can find items that can upgrade their hero NFT cards in them. 


The concept of KOMBAT and VOMBAT tokens may come across as confusing to new players so it is important to be able to differentiate from the other. 

According to the “Crypto Kombat” Medium website, the KOMBAT token, otherwise known as KOMBAT ERC20, is the “core of the game.” This token is traded on Uniswap and SushiSwap and a version of it, BEP20, is listed on PancakeSwap. 

KOMBAT tokens can be used to buy special items, unlock battle mode, and for staking to receive VOMBAT tokens,

VOMBAT tokens, on the other hand, are used to unlock character cards and battles between players. It is only used for minting NFT cards.

What is ‘Crypto Kombat’

“Crypto Kombat” is the latest addition to play-to-earn crypto games that players can play and earn from at the same time. 

Farming and earning are the biggest aspects of the “Crypto Kombat” gameplay. Players, as previously mentioned, can stake KOMBAT tokens, earn VOMBAT tokens as a daily reward, and exchange said tokens for hero NFTs. 

“Crypto Kombat” has what it refers to as “Crypto Heroes,” which can be collected and traded as limited NFTs. You can also gift or even exchange Crypto Heroes with other players. 

More importantly, these Crypto Heroes can be used in battles to challenge fellow players in order to earn more VOMBAT. 

According to the article by Play to Earn, “Crypto Kombat” was initially one of the crypto games launched on the Ethereum blockchain, but it has since announced a move to the Binance Smart Chain. 

More NFT and Crypto Games in the Future

Other play-to-earn NFT and crypto games include “Lost Relics,” Axie Infinity,” and “Town Star.” 

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Another example of a play-to-earn NFT game is “SpacePort,” an arcade-style play-to-earn NFT game launched on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Despite all the options already available, NFT gamers can expect more games to arrive in the future. One of which is “Monsta Infinite,” another play-to-earn game seen to be a cheaper alternative to the popular “Axie Infinity.”

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