EveryApe Launching The BSC – The Only Token That Will Literally Send You To OuterSpace

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The EveryApe team is launching the contract that has already been such a success on the Ethereum blockchain, now this contract will be available on the Binance Smart Chain as well.

Giving a whole new market the chance to get in on the ground floor of such an amazing opportunity! EveryApe BSC will be listed on Pancake swap on Sep. 9th, 2021. They plan on an extravagant launch full of updates on the project & even possible give-aways!

Casino Video Game in Development

EveryApe currently has a Casino video game in development. The game will link to the player’s crypto currency wallet & give out NFTs as prizes. If the player collects enough ‘NFT Packs” they can win incredible prizes!

The prizes will include going to Space with Tom Jones on a space tourism flight, Lamborghinis, & all-inclusive vacations! The game is supported by a secondary ecosystem of tokens. The team has created a step-by-step plan to bring this project to unbelievable heights. By growing the project in scope & utility as well as bridging blockchain technology into everyday uses. They’re going to take this project from, “your everyday meme coin” to a Billion-dollar one with rewards for anyone who helps support the development of EveryApe.

EveryApe has created a milestone event called “The BurnBack Booster.” Everytime they increase by 1000 holders, they will trigger a large buyback with the funds raised until that point. This large amount of tokens purchased will be split in half. Half will be airdropped to EACH & EVERY HOLDER. Spreading trillions of tokens to anyone holding EveryApe. The remaining half of the buyback tokens will then be sent to the burn wallet, raising the floor of the project & ensuring an ever-increasing amount of tokens for the holders.

EveryApe is led by Tom Jones (Safemoon Tom) & Donny Nakamoto. They plan on pushing the limits of what a crypto currency can achieve. With an ever growing network of partnerships all over the globe, this team has an impressive road map that can be seen at EveryApe.com. The team is creating an ecosystem of safe & scam-proof projects for their investors.

Media Details –
Name – EveryApe Token
Website – https://www.everyape.com/
Email – everyapetoken@gmail.com
Add – 304 S.Jones Blvd #009, Las Vegas NV 89107