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Wondering how to buy Kusama? You can buy KSM on and Huobi Global.

Kusama is the “canary network” for Polkadot, one of the most exciting blockchain projects in development. Before the launch of Polkadot, the team wants to make sure everything will execute properly. This is where Kusama comes in. As a canary network, Kusama is somewhat of a beta version of polkadot with real money flowing through it. Eventually, Polkadot will launch and merge forces with Kusama.

Not only is the technology extremely convenient and scalable, the token went to the moon in 2021. For investors and developers alike, the project is very exciting for the crypto community. 

What is Kusama (KSM)?

Kusama is a blockchain platform that allows developers to create scalable, interoperable projects. It runs on Substrate, which is a building kit developed by Parity Technologies. It is very similar to Polkadot (DOT) in that it allows you to create projects across multiple chains on a proof-of-stake system. Those connected to the network can verify transactions to receive freshly-minted tokens. Transactions are sent through the chain to be verified. 

KSM is the network’s governance token, allowing users to vote on new protocols and the future of the technology. The amount of votes is based on the amount of tokens owned. However, it offers certain features not yet available on Polkadot, such as allowing the voting process to be much faster. 

Brief History of Kusama (KSM)

Kusama was created in 2016 by the same founders of Polkadot: Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Peter Czaban and Robert Habermeier. Tokens were initially given to holders of Polkadot as a reward for holding the token. Holders were given an equal amount of KSM as DOT they had at the time. It was initially listed for around $1.70, but in May 2021, it reached an all-time high of $560. KSM soared past the moon, reaching heights unheard of in any form of investing. It is currently hovering around $350. 

How to Buy Kusama (KSM)

Now that you understand the basics of Kusama’s platform, you may be interested in purchasing the token. Fortunately, doing so is fairly easy and only requires a few short steps. 

  1. Open an online account.

    The first step in purchasing KSM is to open an account on a crypto exchange. This simple step usually requires only an email or phone number. Because Kusama is a fairly new technology, not many centralized exchanges or wallets support the token. However, it is offered on a few exchanges, such as and Huobi Global. If the hype surrounding the project increases, you can expect it to be listed on more exchanges.

  2. Buy a wallet (optional).

    Wallets differ from exchanges in that they are a much more secure way to hold funds. You have direct custody of your funds, instead of an exchange holding onto them for you. This allows you to have much more control over your funds. 

  3. Make your purchase.

    On’s DeFi wallet feature, you use the search feature to locate USDT or other supported convertible coins. When you have located the token and have a balance, you click the “Swap” button and enter the amount of KSM you would like to purchase. After this, KSM is stored on your DeFi wallet. You can also purchase it directly from Navigate to the KSM token and select “buy.” Then you can use a bank or credit card transfer to make the purchase. This process is similar if you choose to use Huobi Global instead of On Huobi Global, you navigate to the KSM/USDT or other currency pair. From there, you can select the amount to swap. You can also send it to a hardware wallet, such as Ledger, if you wish.