RugPull Coin – Rugs to riches 💰 Safer than corona vaccine 💉 From people for people #rugged – The VR Soldier

Here’s the story of Rug Pull Coin and how it was able to pull off the perfect Rug Pull.

Launched in April 2021 with a sleek logo and website, it was dubbed to be a safe investment that would make people rich.

On launch day, it was available for trade on PancakeSwap. People inhaled their Hopium and rushed to buy $RUG in hopes of becoming crypto millionaires.

Things were going well for RugPull as they launched a marketing campaign. The charts also reflected the hype surrounding this coin and it was time 2 lambo.

Fast forward, and things were looking even better for $RUG. The price doubled on PancakeSwap and investors were thrilled!

There was healthy trading volume and as more and more people found out about RugPull Coin the price just kept on rising.

The RugPull Coin team continued their aggressive marketing campaign which seemed to be working.

Unbeknownst to them, a series of detractors have been building up on the sidelines calling RugPull’s bluff. However, the strong $RUG community support continued to rally the price up.

Lo and behold, not 10 days after the project was started, the price price plummeted a the team executed a “Rug Pull”

All the investors were left with worthless RugPull tokens that weren’t even worth the gas fees to move.


This is the story of Rug Pull. The lesson here is make sure you understand the difference between gambling and investing.

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